Taekwon-do teaching methods involve such types of training in which students learn to see technical moves and copy their execution. This method allows them to learn to see first the movements of the trainer, the partner, and then the opponent. At the initial stage, students have to master their bodies as their greatest enemy. Complex stances and punches require so much strength and tension that this work seems impossible for beginners. Until a student learns to control the position of his/her body, arms and legs, an instructor has to not only show the movements, but also help his/her trainees to do them.

As the mastery grows, it takes much less time to learn the technique. A trained fighter is able to anticipate and counter his attacking moves by slight changes in the opponent's body position.

That's why group martial arts classes are so important. Students learn to work in the same rhythm as their partners, which makes it easier to feel the rhythm in a martial situation. Working with partners of different height, age and weight makes them expand their technical arsenal. Pointing out a typical mistake to one student allows other students to correct similar ones.

 доставка цветов СыктывкарIndividual training allows you to qualitatively increase the level of your training. Such training can by no means replace regular group training, but it can achieve several goals.

If a student has to miss a few workouts for whatever reason, an individual workout can fill in the gap in knowledge and practice the technique that was studied without him.

If a student is preparing for a competition or a belt exam, the instructor will be able to point out to him the mistakes in his technique. If you pay attention to the mistakes in advance, you can have time to correct them and achieve a better result.